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Zero Motorcycles, Inc.
Industry Vehicle Manufacturing
Founded Scotts Valley, California (2006 (2006))
Founder Neil Saiki
Headquarters Scotts Valley, California, United States
Area served
North America
Key people
  • Neil Saiki (Founder)
  • Richard Walker (CEO)
  • Karl Wharton (COO)
  • Abe Askenazi (CTO)
  • John Borofka (CFO)
Zero Z-Force.jpg
Detail: Electric motor and Lithium-Ion battery Z-Force

Zero Motorcycles Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Formerly called Electricross, it was started in 2006 near Santa Cruz, California in Scotts Valley by Neal Saiki, a former NASA engineer.

Zero makes a line of dirt bikes including the X and higher performance MX. They also produce street motorcycles, beginning with S in 2009. The S began shipping in volume in 2010, the first model year to include the Agni Motor,[1] at which time the DS, a dual-sport model based on the S chassis became available. The XU, a smaller street bike with a removable battery, based on the same chassis as the Zero dirtbikes was introduced in 2011.

In 2012, Zero introduced the ZF9 Power Pack with the Zero S & DS models making them the first production electric motorcycles that can exceed an EPA-estimated 100 miles on a single charge. In January 2012, Pike's Research ranked Zero Motorcycles the highest among electric motorcycle manufacturers.[2]

In 2013 the ZF power pack was increased to 11.4kWh, and in 2014 the optional 2.8kWh "power tank" became available.[3] 2014 also saw the addition of the Zero-SR to the range, a higher performance version of the Zero-S incorporating more powerful controller electrics.[4]

The 2015 models saw an increase in the battery pack size to 12.5kWh and the addition of ABS brakes as standard.

There is a plug-in charging option for the 2013 Zero Motorcycles S, DS, X, FX, XU Motorcycles to allow CHAdeMO fast charging.[5]



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