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Zero X
Zero X 2011.jpg
ManufacturerZero Motorcycles
Engineelectric motor
Top speed60 mph (97 km/h)
Power17.4 kW (23.3 hp)
Torque67.7 N⋅m (49.9 lbf⋅ft)
Wheelbase54 in (1,400 mm)
Seat height36 in (910 mm)
Weight68.5 kg (151 lb) with battery (dry)
Fuel capacity2 kWh (58 V @ 35 A·h)
Range80 km/h (50 mph)

The Zero X is an electric motorcycle manufactured by Zero Motorcycles.


The wheels are driven by hardened steel 420 chain and direct drive gearing.

Braking is performed by six-piston calipers per axle, with 9-inch (230 mm) front rotor.

It includes 17 by 2.5 in (432 by 64 mm) rear rim with 17 by 3.5 in (432 by 89 mm) rear tire and 20 by 3.0 in (508 by 76 mm) front tire.

Standard battery pack is made from lithium-ion, with rated range of up to two hours or 64 kilometres (40 mi). Recharging is done using 110 V or 220 V with charging time of two hours.

Other features include USB port that allow access to the bike's motor controls.[1]

Extreme Package includes Higher Power Perm Motor with 10% more power over stock and faster top end speeds, customized stronger fork.


Changes include improved chassis, which features hydroformed top tub, larger swing arms, thru-axle rear hub, shot-peened and anodized frame, organic frame gusseting, new number plate. As a result, it was 6 pounds (2.7 kg) heavier (now 151 lb or 68 kg) than 2008 model.[2]

Prototype of 2009 model was unveiled in 2008 Alternative Energy and Transportation Expo in Santa Monica, California.


On 24 September 2008, Zero Motorcycles announced all 2008 models had been sold out.[3]


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