Zero Zero Zero

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Zero Zero Zero
Compilation album by Sam Phillips
Released 1998
Genre Rock
Label Virgin
Producer T Bone Burnett
Sam Phillips chronology
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Zero Zero Zero
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(2001)Fan Dance2001

Zero Zero Zero is a compilation album by American singer and songwriter Sam Phillips that was released in 1998 by Virgin Records.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Sam Phillips except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Disappearing Act" 1:52
2. "I Need Love" 3:38
3. "Holding On to the Earth" (new version, Sam Phillips, T Burnett) 3:54
4. "Signposts" 2:20
5. "Where the Colors Don't Go" (alternate mix) 2:39
6. "Animals on Wheels" 3:10
7. "Black Sky" 4:03
8. "Flame" (remix) 2:39
9. "Ribot Tripping Over Gravity" 1:16
10. "Hole in Time" 3:15
11. "You Lost My Mind" 2:44
12. "Cruel Inventions" (Sam Phillips, T Burnett) 2:57
13. "Fighting with Fire" (remix) 2:53
14. "Lying" (alternate mix) 3:49
15. "Strawberry Road" 4:03

Production notes[edit]

  • Produced by T Bone Burnett
  • New tracks, "Fighting with Fire", and "Flame" mixed by T Bone Burnett and Mike Piersante
  • "Colors" and "Lying" alternate mixes by Tchad Blake
  • "Disappearing Act" and "Holding On to the Earth" recorded by Mike Piersante at Mortimer Studio 1998
  • "You Lost My Mind" recorded by Joe Schiff in 1993
  • Mastered by Mike Piersante at Pro Digital