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Zero time exercise is a physical exercise technique created by Hong Kong experts. They can be performed while sitting, standing and walking. It is a concept for increasing physical exercise by simple movements intended primarily to be convenient. The exercises can be done in various daily life situations: at home, at workplaces, while queuing, while waiting for people and transportation. The Zero Time concept is advocated by the School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong.[1]

Health benefits[edit]

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the known risks of developing obesity, diabetes and depression.[2] The concept of Zero Time Exercise is to reduce sedentary behaviours and their harmful effects on health. People who spend too much time sitting or standing still can do Zero Time Exercise and thus decrease daily sedentary time.


While sitting[edit]

Pedalling: Lift both legs and perform a cycling motion. Continue for as long as you can.


Chair sit and reach: Sit with one leg straight and one leg bent. Lean and reach forward.

While standing[edit]

Single leg stand: Lift one leg and hold. Continue for as long as you can.

Single leg stand

Mini squat: Squat down with your knees slightly bent. Hold for as long as you can.

Mini squat

While walking[edit]

Move hands while walking: Move your hands while walking, e.g. with clenched fists and swing your arms to increase hands movement.

Increase the stride while walking: Increase the stride while walking, or fasten the pace of walking or even perform a slight run to achieve the effects of physical exercise.


Zero Time Exercise has been covered by the media in Hong Kong.[3][4][5][6][2][7][8][9][10] At the TV programme "Doctor and You" produced by Radio Television Hong Kong,[11] some experts had made appearances to introduce the exercise concept, including orthopedist Dr. Ip Wing Yuk.[12]

The exercise concept was also published in the academic conference paper "Zero-time exercise, a new approach to promote physical activity" at The 2016 FPH Annual Conference and Public Health Exhibition, Faculty of Public Health (FPH), Brighton, UK., 14–15 June 2016.[13]


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