Zeroed Out

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Zeroed Out
Studio album by The Cunninghams
Released May 20, 1997
Genre Alternative rock, Pop rock
Label Revolution Records
Producer Don Gilmore[1]

Zeroed Out is the debut album by Seattle, Washington band The Cunninghams. Described as power-pop or pop-punk, The Cunninghams made one album, Zeroed Out which was released in 1997 via Revolution Records/Warner Bros. Records. Members included Seven Pearson, Eric Craig, Scott Bickham, Eliot Freed and Johnny Martin.

Track listing[2][edit]

  1. "Days Gone By"
  2. "Bottle Rockets"
  3. "No Complaints"
  4. "Narcolepsy"
  5. "International"
  6. "Slumberland"
  7. "Take It Or Leave It"
  8. "Wanna Be"
  9. "Losing Team"
  10. "Generic Song"
  11. "Can't Wait"
  12. "Alienate"
  13. "Disappearing Act"


  • Zeroed Out (1997)


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