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Carev Most over Zeta near Nikšić town

Zeta (Cyrillic: Зета, pronounced [zêta]) is a river in Montenegro. Its source is under the mountain Vojnik, and flows eastwards for 86 km (53 mi) until it confluences into the Morača River just north of Podgorica.


One theory is that the name "Zeta" derives from an early root meaning "harvest" or "grain" (modern words žetva and žito).

The Zeta River is the most significant tributary of the Morača. The Perućica hydroelectric power plant near Nikšić (307 MW, 970 GWh) uses the waters of the Zeta River to generate power. After that, the river meanders through the Bjelopavlići Valley, until it empties into the Morača a few miles north of Podgorica.

Historical monumental Carev Most exists over Zeta to the south of Nikšić town, and the ancient castle of Pandurica is situated nearby.


Coordinates: 42°27′52″N 19°15′40″E / 42.46444°N 19.26111°E / 42.46444; 19.26111