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Zeta Bosio
Soda Stereo en Santiago de Chile 4.jpg
Zeta Bosio performing live with Soda Stereo at Estadio Nacional de Chile in Santiago, Chile, october 27, 2007.
Background information
Birth name Hector Pedro Juan Bosio Bertolotti
Also known as Zeta Bosio
Born (1958-10-01) October 1, 1958 (age 57)
San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Rock, alternative rock, electronic rock, new wave, pop rock, post-punk, neo-psychedelia experimental rock, electronic, dance
Occupation(s) Musician, producer, DJ
Instruments Bass, Chapman Stick, guitar, vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, sampler, harmonica
Years active 1982–present
Labels Sony Music
Associated acts Soda Stereo, La Ley, Catupecu Machu
Website www.zetabosio.net
Notable instruments
Fender Precision Bass
Rickenbacker 4001
Philip Kubicki Factor Bass
L-series headless Steinberger bass
Gibson Thunderbird

Héctor Pedro Juan Bosio Bertolotti (born October 1, 1958 in San Fernando, Buenos Aires) better known by his stage name Zeta Bosio, is an Argentine rock musician, record producer and DJ, better known as the bassist of the influential Argentine rock band Soda Stereo. Because of this, he is considered one of the most important musicians of Latin and Spanish rock. Nowadays he is the bassist of Chilean band La Ley since 2013.

Bosio, along with Gustavo Cerati and Charly Alberti formed Soda Stereo in 1982. They recorded over a dozen of records until they disbanded in 1997. Since then, he has kept a very low profile until recently. ProyectoUnder.com is the music portal chosen by Bosio as a way to promote underground bands. Zeta is now working with his independent record label Alerta Discos. He has produced albums for bands such as "Aguirre" and "Peligrosos Gorriones". Also, he presents a TV show called "Rock Road" for Much Music Argentina and the Chilean channel Via X. In 2011, he was judge in the Chilean TV show Factor X.


He began his contact with music at age 11, age when first heard The Beatles, determined to learn to play bass on the disc.

While at the school formed two bands: "Water" and "La Banda de San Francisco." Then went into the Navy, and his first paycheck he bought a bass in Puerto Rico. In the army he joined the orchestra and honed his musical skills:

"I played all kinds of music from salsa to Arabic songs".

When he returned to Buenos Aires was entered in the advertising career at the University of El Salvador and was part of "The Morgan", a good band also comprised Sandra Baylac, Hugo Dop, Christian Hansen, Pablo Rodriguez, Charly Amato, Osvaldo Kaplan and Andres Calamaro, with which they came to play in the famous student program "Happy Sunday" on Channel 9. The Morgan came to edit a single item with Perfume by Rita Lee Lance.

Zeta with Soda Stereo in 2007

In 1979, Zeta met Gustavo Cerati in college, but did not become friends. During the Summer of 1982 both agreed at Punta del Este (Uruguay) with his group Cerati and Bosio Sauvage (??) in The Morgan. Due to a series of adventures, Cerati and Bosio established a close musical bond and friendship, which led them to start playing together.

Zeta and Gustavo shared the same musical tastes and dreams and began a search for integrating a punk rock group inspired by The Police (who played the same year in Argentina), with their own songs in Spanish. Cerati first joined The Morgan and then formed a band called the Stress (along with Charlie Amato and drummer Pablo Guadalupe) and Erekto Project (with Andres Calamaro), with the latter not meeting their expectations. Shortly after Gustavo and decided to visit Charly Alberti (son of the famous percussionist Tito Alberti and four years younger than Bosio), to hear him play the drums from his father. Soda Stereo was formed there, which publicly debuted in July 1983.

In Soda Stereo, Zeta played the bass and backing vocals. He also played acoustic guitar and the chapman stick.

Soda Stereo was dissolved in September 1997 and thereafter Zeta was devoted to the dissemination of groups, first through the web Under Project, then being Manager of Sony Music Label Argentina, and in recent years given its own seal Alert Discos.

In 2005, 2006 and 2007, Zeta hosts a TV show called Rock Road in the Argentine channel Much Music, where he said his tour of European festivals. This program is aired on Chilean Via X. Also on Saturday leads Bosio Keep Rockin on the Radio Rock & Pop

He was also bassist in the band invited Catupecu Machu Argentina, after the car accident suffered by Gabriel Ruiz Diaz.

In June 2007, Soda Stereo announced his comeback with a tour. Between October and December of that year, Zeta Bosio and Soda Stereo played throughout Latinomérica once again breaking all records in the tour they called Me Verás Volver.



Since 2008, Zeta and his companions returned to their own projects after this brief encounter, without discarding any next meeting in the future. Zeta, addition "Keep Rockin", he toured as a DJ performing in various parts of Latin America, called Live Sessions, where he shows his versatility on the decks. In the context of electronic music, dance and Dancefloor (who has stated that he are fascinated musical styles) in addition to being a DJ, Zeta has plans to release a solo album with his mixes and compositions.

Zeta participated in the Lollapalooza festival (to be held for the first time outside the U.S.) in Chile in April 2011.

In 2013, Zeta joins Chilean band La Ley as bassist.

Production in Soda Stereo[edit]

Zeta Bosio participated in the musical production of the following albums:[citation needed]

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