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Zeugma Systems
Industry Telecommunications Equipment
Founded 2004
Headquarters Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Key people
CEO: Andrew Harries,
CTO: Siegfried Luft
Website www.zeugmasystems.com

Zeugma Systems was a privately held telecommunications equipment supplier delivering open solutions that accelerate new service deployment for broadband service providers of all types. On September 2010, it was announced that Zeugma Systems had closed down and all of its staff were dismissed.[1] There was considerable debate among the experts in telecom space as to why Zeugma failed. Some believed that Zeugma's innovative idea, although technologically very sound, was just ahead of its time. Others believe that their solution didn't quite meet the needs of the market.[2] Later, in November 2010, Tellabs announced that they have acquired most of the assets and many of the former employees of Zeugma Systems[3]


Zeugma Systems was founded in 2004 by Andrew Harries (CEO) and Siegfried (Sig) Luft (CTO). Harries worked previously at Sierra Wireless Inc. and has a former life in the mobile data division of Motorola Inc. Luft helped found Siara, the acquisition at the heart of Redback's SmartEdge. Luft recruited some of the former Siara team back out of Redback to join him at Zeugma.[4]


Zeugma's major products included the Zeugma Services Node (Service Delivery Router) and the Zeugma OSS (Network Management System).

The Zeugma Services Node was a new breed of access equipment known as the service delivery router, which integrated routing, subscriber management and service management by combining high-throughput routing with enormous computing capacity at the edge of the network.[5]


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