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In Greek mythology, the name Zeuxippus[pronunciation?] (Ancient Greek: Ζεύξιππος) may refer to:

Zeuxippus, son of Apollo[edit]

Zeuxippus, son of Apollo and the nymph Syllis (or Hyllis, daughter of Hyllus and Iole[1]). He succeeded Phaestus as the king of Sicyon, and was in turn succeeded by Hippolytus.[2]

He only appeared in the account of Pausanias' Description of Greece:

"After Phaestus in obedience to an oracle migrated to Crete, the next king is said to have been Zeuxippus, the son of Apollo and the nymph Syllis. On the death of Zeuxippus, Agamemnon led an army against Sicyon and king Hippolytus, the son of Rhopalus, the son of Phaestus."

Zeuxippus, father of Pieris[edit]

Zeuxippus, father of Pieris or Tereis, herself mother of Megapenthes by Menelaus.[3][4]

Zeuxippus, son of Eumelus[edit]

Zeuxippus, son of Eumelus and grandson of Admetus. His own son was Harmenius, himself father of Henioche.[5]


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