Zeuxo (Oceanid)

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Member of the Oceanids
Zeuxo pours wine to Chrysippus. Interior from an Attic red-figured kylix, ca. 490-480 BC. From Capua.
Personal information
ParentsOceanus and Tethys
SiblingsOceanids, Potamoi

In Greek mythology, Zeuxo (/ˈzjks/; Ancient Greek: Ζευξώ means 'yoke' or 'cart'[1]) was one of the 3,000 Oceanids, water-nymph daughters of the Titans Oceanus and his sister-spouse Tethys.[2][3] Her name appears in Hesiod's catalogue of Oceanid names; no other literary mention of her survives. The main belt asteroid 438 Zeuxo was named after her.

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