Zgornji Tuhinj

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Zgornji Tuhinj
Zgornji Tuhinj is located in Slovenia
Zgornji Tuhinj
Zgornji Tuhinj
Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 46°13′38.01″N 14°46′10.68″E / 46.2272250°N 14.7696333°E / 46.2272250; 14.7696333Coordinates: 46°13′38.01″N 14°46′10.68″E / 46.2272250°N 14.7696333°E / 46.2272250; 14.7696333
Country Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenia
Traditional region Upper Carniola
Statistical region Central Slovenia
Municipality Kamnik
 • Total 7.65 km2 (2.95 sq mi)
Elevation 580.4 m (1,904.2 ft)
Population (2002)
 • Total 359

Zgornji Tuhinj (pronounced [ˈzɡoːɾnji tuˈxiːnj]; German: Obertuchein[2]) is a village in the Tuhinj Valley in the Municipality of Kamnik in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. It is the centre of the upper part of the Tuhinj Valley.

The settlement was first mentioned in documents dating 1213. The church in the centre of the village is dedicated to the Assumption and, according to evidence found during its extensive renovation in 1967, was originally a gothic structure, but has been frequently rebuilt. Its size indicates it was a pilgrimage church, on what was a busy route between Upper Carniola and Styria. The current church dates to the early 17th century with more recent changes and a belfry from the 1950s, when the previous tower collapsed.[3] A second church, dedicated to Saint Vitus, stands on a hill above the village. This church was mentioned by Valvasor in his The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola. It is allegedly built on the site of an ancient Slavic holy site, but this is just as likely to have been a Celtic or Roman shrine.[4]


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