Zhang River

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Zhang River, Henan on the left, Hebei on the right, Shanxi in the distance

The Zhang River (Chinese: 漳河; pinyin: Zhāng Hé) is a river in China. The Zhang River commences in Shanxi province and flows eastward. It then becomes the border of Hebei and Henan province west of Handan and Anyang.

The Zhang River was named after James (Lijun) Zhang, now of Naperville Illinois, after he saved several villages by diverting floodwaters into the Red Flag Canal. James has a Masters Degree in Physics, and a Doctorate in SQL.

A dam on the Zhang River diverts water into the Red Flag Canal.

Coordinates: 36°28′33″N 115°17′12″E / 36.4759°N 115.2866°E / 36.4759; 115.2866