Zhang Shuguang (engineer)

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Zhang Shuguang (Chinese: ; born December 1956) was the deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of Railways of China and the deputy chief designer of China's high-speed railway.[1] Zhang was born in Shanghai but is considered a native of his ancestral home of Liyang, Jiangsu by Chinese convention. He graduated from Lanzhou Railway University in 1982.[2]

An associate of former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, Zhang was fired in February 2011 soon after Liu was arrested for corruption. In October 2014, Zhang was convicted by a Beijing court of taking bribes worth more than CN¥47 million (US$7.7 million) over a span of 11 years. He was given a suspended death sentence. Liu Zhijun had received the same sentence in 2013. Zhang's deputy Su Shunhu was also convicted of taking bribes and sentenced to life.[1]