Zhang Song

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Zhang Song
Advisor of Liu Zhang
Born (Unknown)
Died 213
Traditional Chinese 張松
Simplified Chinese 张松
Pinyin Zhāng Sōng
Courtesy name Ziqiao (子喬)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhang.

Zhang Song (died 213) was an advisor to the warlord Liu Zhang during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. Although a Han loyalist, Song was a co-founder of the cabal, along with Fa Zheng and Meng Da, to unseat their governor Liu Zhang in favor of neighboring Jing province governor Liu Bei. However, unlike Fa Zheng and Meng Da was he discovered by Liu Zhang and could not escape to Liu Bei's camp before being executed for treason.


Zhang was sent by Liu Zhang as an envoy to pledge allegiance to Cao Cao. However, he was received coldly by Cao and became angry. When he returned to Yi Province, he suggested to Liu Zhang to break off diplomatic ties with Cao.

Zhang and his close friend Fa Zheng started plotting to remove Liu Zhang from power and replace him with Liu Bei. However, the plot was leaked out when Zhang's brother, Zhang Su, betrayed him to Liu Zhang. Liu Zhang was furious and he had Zhang Song executed.


  • Brother: Zhang Su (張粛), administrator of Guanghan
  • Son: Zhang Biao (張表)

In fiction[edit]

In Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhang Song was portrayed as a short, buck-toothed man with a short nose, who did not command respect for his ugly looks. In the novel, his style name was "Yongnian" (永年) instead of "Ziqiao" as in historical records.

Zhang was sent by Liu Zhang as an envoy to meet Cao Cao. He brought with him a map of Sichuan, hoping to present it to Cao and aid Cao in taking over Yi Province from Liu Zhang. However, Cao disliked him for his appearance and treated him rudely. In retaliation, Zhang made sarcastic remarks to humiliate Cao. The angry Cao ordered Zhang to be beaten up and driven away.

Zhang was deeply upset by Cao's attitude towards him and he went to visit Liu Bei later. Liu treated Zhang like a guest, asking Zhao Yun and Guan Yu to escort him to the meeting place, where he personally greeted Zhang together with Zhuge Liang. Zhang was impressed with Liu's hospitality, and he presented the map of Sichuan to Liu Bei, urging Liu Bei to seize control of Yi Province from Liu Zhang. Zhang also introduced Fa Zheng and Meng Da to Liu Bei, telling him that they would aid him in removing Liu Zhang from power.

Zhang was executed by Liu Zhang after the latter discovered that he was plotting against him.

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