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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhang.
Zhang Yibai
Chinese name 張一白 (traditional)
Chinese name 张一白 (simplified)
Pinyin Zhāng Yībái (Mandarin)
Born 1963 (age 53–54)
Chongqing, People's Republic of China
Occupation Film director

Zhang Yibai (simplified Chinese: 张一白; traditional Chinese: 張一白) (born 1963, in Chongqing, China) is a Chinese film director.

Directorial career[edit]

Zhang began his career in television and music videos before directing his debut, Spring Subway in 2002.[1]

Zhang, like many other modern Chinese directors, has focused primarily on life in modern Chinese cities. Spring Subway, for example, follows its protagonist as he wanders through Beijing's subway system, while the mystery-thriller Curiosity Killed the Cat follows its characters through the central China boomtown of Chongqing (also Zhang's hometown).

Zhang's next two films, 2007's The Longest Night in Shanghai and 2008's Lost, Indulgence have seen the director's exposure and successes extending increasingly overseas. Longest Night, starring Zhao Wei, constitutes one of the first China-Japan coproductions,[2] while Lost was selected to premiere at New York City's Tribeca Film Festival in 2008.[3]


Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
2002 Spring Subway 开往春天的地铁
2005 About Love 关于爱 Directed segment "Shanghai"
2006 Curiosity Killed the Cat 好奇害死猫
2007 The Longest Night in Shanghai 夜上海 Chinese-Japanese coproduction
2008 Lost Indulgence 秘岸
2011 Eternal Moment 将爱
2013 Forgetting to Know You 忘了去懂你
2014 Five Minutes to Tomorrow 深夜前的五分钟 as actor
2014 Fleet of Time 匆匆那年
2016 Mr. Nian 年兽大作战 as actor
2016 Run for Love 奔爱
2016 I Belonged to You 从你的全世界路过
TBA Descendants of the Sun film[4]


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