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Zhangmu Town
Zhangmu Town is located in Tibet
Zhangmu Town
Zhangmu Town
Coordinates: 27°59′24″N 85°58′48″E / 27.99000°N 85.98000°E / 27.99000; 85.98000
Country China
Province Tibet Autonomous Region
Prefecture Shigatse Prefecture
County Nyalam County
Time zone CST (UTC+8)

Zhangmu (Tibetan: འགྲམ།Wylie: 'gram, ZYPY: Zhamv THL: Dram; Chinese: 樟木; pinyin: Zhāngmù; Nepali: Khasa (खासा)), is a customs town and port of entry located in Nyalam County on the Nepal-Tibet border, just uphill and across the Bhote Koshi River from the Nepalese town of Kodari. At 2300 meters above sea level, Zhangmu has mild and humid subtropical climate, which is a rarity for Tibet.

In Nepal Zhangmu is also called Khasa.[1]

Chinese trucks traveling on the Tibet-Nepal Friendship Highway offload goods at Zhangmu and transfer them to Nepalese trucks.

Zhangmu was evacuated after being damaged by the 2014 earthquakes, which also closed the route between Nepal and China (TAS region).[2] By 2016 it was still a ghost town and trading had not returned to previous level.[3]


Zhangmu is just north of and above the Friendship Bridge border crossing where China National Highway 318 becomes Araniko Highway and immediately passes Kodari village in Sindhupalchok District, Bagmati Zone en route to Kathmandu. Tourists traveling between Nepal and the Tibet make substantial use of this crossing, and there is trans-border trade.



Coordinates: 27°59′N 85°59′E / 27.99°N 85.98°E / 27.99; 85.98

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