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The Zhangping–Longchuan railway (simplified Chinese: 漳龙铁路; traditional Chinese: 漳龍鐵路; pinyin: zhānglóng Tiělù), also known as the Zhanglong railway, is a railway linking Zhangping, Fujian Province, and Longchuan County, Guangdong, in southeastern China. The line has a total length of 374 km (232 mi) and combines separately constructed railways linking Zhangping, Longyan, Kanshi, Meizhou, and Longchuan.

Line description[edit]

The Zhangping–Longchuan railway consists of the following railways:

The Zhangping–Longchuan railway, which was created with the opening of the Meizhou–Kanshi railway, shortened the rail travel distance from Fuzhou to Guangzhou by over 500 km (311 mi).[1]

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