Zhao Dan

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Zhao Dan
Zhao Feng'ao

(1915-06-27)June 27, 1915
DiedOctober 10, 1980(1980-10-10) (aged 65)
Years active1930s-1960s
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese趙丹
Simplified Chinese赵丹

Zhao Dan (June 27, 1915 - October 10, 1980) was a Chinese actor popular in the golden age of Chinese Cinema.


Zhao first became famous working in the Mingxing Film Company in the 1930s including playing opposite Zhou Xuan in Street Angel (1937). After the Sino-Japanese War, Zhao began a creative relationship with director Zheng Junli, with films such as the 1948 anti-Kuomintang drama-comedy, Crows and Sparrows.

Zhao remained on the mainland following the Communist victory in 1949 and continued to make films throughout the 1950s and 1960s notably in biographical films playing historical figures of Nie Er, Lin Zexu (both directed by Zheng Junli) and Li Shizhen.

Zhao joined Communist Party of China in 1957. During the Cultural Revolution, he was persecuted and imprisoned for 5 years. He died of pancreatic cancer in Beijing in 1980.

He was married to Ye Luqian in 1936. When he was arrested by Sheng Shicai in Xinjiang in 1939, it was rumored that he was killed. Thus Ye married the playwright Du Xuan. After the war, he was released and returned to Shanghai. He married actress Huang Zongying in 1948.

Selected filmography[edit]

As actor[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Director Role
1933 Twenty-Four Hours in Shanghai 上海二十四小时 Shen Xiling
1937 Street Angel 马路天使 Yuan Muzhi Xiao Chen
1937 Crossroads 十字街头 Shen Xiling Zhao
1947 Far Away Love 遙遠的愛 Chen Liting Xiao Yuanxi
1947 Rhapsody of Happiness 幸福狂想曲 Chen Liting
1949 Crows and Sparrows 烏鴉与麻雀 Zheng Junli Little Broadcast
1949 Women Side by Side 丽人行 Chen Liting Zhang Yuliang
1950 The Life of Wu Xun 武训传 Sun Yu Wu Xun
1951 The Married Couple 我们夫妇之间 Zheng Junli
1956 Li Shizhen 李时珍 Shen Fu Li Shizhen
1958 Lin Zexu 林则徐 Zheng Junli Lin Zexu
1959 Nie Er 聂耳 Zheng Junli Nie Er

As director[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1947 The Dress Returns to Glory 衣锦荣归
1953 Bless the Children 为孩子们祝福
1964 An Evergreen Tree 青山恋 Also known as Precious Green Mountains

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