Zhao Jiamin

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Zhao Jiamin
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Background information
Chinese name 趙嘉敏 (traditional)
Chinese name 赵嘉敏 (simplified)
Pinyin Zhào Jiāmǐn (Mandarin)
Born (1998-07-22) July 22, 1998 (age 20)
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Other names Savoki
Occupation Singer, actress
Years active 2013-present
Genre(s) Pop, Mandopop
Instrument(s) Vocals, guitar
Label(s) Star48
Ninestyle Model Agency
Ninestyle Music
Associated acts SNH48
Seine River

Zhao Jiamin (simplified Chinese: 赵嘉敏; traditional Chinese: 趙嘉敏; pinyin: Zhào Jiāmǐn; born July 22, 1998 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China) is a Chinese idol singer. She is a member of Team SII of female idol group SNH48,[1] and came in first during SNH48's second General Election.


On 14 October 2012, Zhao Jiamin became one of the 26 shortlisted candidates during the recruitment of SNH48 first-generation members.[2] On 23 December, SNH48 was invited to the inauguration ceremony of the Fudan University Student Union, and she made her first performance as an SNH48 member.

On 12 January 2013, Zhao performed on SNH48 Research Students 1st Stage, "Give Me Power!", as a Research Student,[3] and became an official member on 17 April.[4] On 25 May, she performed on the "Blooming For You Concert" with other first-generation members,[5] but due to an injury at the waist, she was unable to perform on most of the songs. On 28 May, she starred in SNH48's first web drama, Mengxiang Yubei Sheng.[6] She made her first public performance as a first-generation member on 30 August, with the opening of the SNH48 Theatre.[7] On 11 November, Zhao was assigned to Team SII during the formation of teams.[8]

On 26 July 2014, Zhao garnered 11,079 votes during the 2014 General Election, and was ranked third. On 14 November, she recorded the theme song of mobile game Mo Tian Ji (魔天记), "缘尽世间", with Ju Jingyi and Xu Jiaqi.

On 1 January 2015, Zhao was crowned winner in the 2014 Baidu Tieba Live Performance Annual Chart, and was given the chance to record a solo song. On 1 April, she released her solo single, "Mushi no Ballad". On 30 April, she made her second film appearance by starring in micro-movie MoTian Jie for mobile game Mo Tian Ji. On 25 July, she won SNH48's 2015 General Election with 74,393 votes. On 13 September, she became part of SNH48's first sub-unit Seine River with Ju Jingyi and Li Yitong, and released their first EP, "Sweet & Bitter".[9] On 8 October, she was involved in the filming for Run for Time.

In February 2016, Zhao applied for the entrance examination to get into the Central Academy of Drama, during which she took an indefinite hiatus from SNH48. She was ranked 10th overall, and started school in July 2016.


With SNH48[edit]


Year No. Title Role Notes
2013 1 Heavy Rotation A-side Debut with SNH48 Team SII
2 Flying Get A-side Only involved in certain scenes in MV due to waist injury
3 Fortune Cookie of Love A-side
2014 4 Heart Electric A-side
5 UZA A-side
2015 6 Give Me Five! A-side Center performer
7 After Rain B-side
8 Manatsu no Sounds Good! B-side
9 Halloween Night A-side Ranked 1st in the 2nd General election
Center performer


  • Mae Shika Mukanee (2014)

With Seine River[edit]

  • Sweet & Bitter (2015)


SNH48 Stage Units[edit]

Stage No. Song Notes
Team SII 1st Stage "Saishuu Bell ga Naru" Gomen ne Jewel 对不起我的宝贝 Stand-in
Hatsukoi Dorobou 初恋小盗 Stand-in for Tang Min
Team SII 2nd Stage "Nagai Hikari" Renai Kinshi Jourei 恋爱禁止条例 With Li Yuqi and Mo Han
Team SII 3rd Stage "Pajama Drive" Tenshi no Shippo 天使的尾巴 With Qiu Xinyi and Zhang Yuge
Team SII 4th Stage "RESET" Seifuku Resistance 再见,制服 With Zhang Yuge and Dai Meng
Team SII 5th Stage "Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai" Kioku no Dilemma 记忆迷宫 Stand-in

Concert units[edit]

Year Date Name Song Notes
2013 25 May Blooming For You Concert Hatsukoi Dorobou 初恋小盗 Did not perform for subsequent performances due to waist injury
16 November Guangzhou Concert Hatsukoi Dorobou 初恋小盗
2014 18 January Red and White Concert End Roll 曲终人散 With Chen Guanhui, Li Yuqi and Wu Zhehan
26 July SNH48 Sousenkyo Concert in Shanghai None
2015 31 January Request Hour Setlist Best 30 2015 Our Destiny In This World 缘尽世间 With Xu Jiaqi and Ju Jingyi
25 July 2nd General Election Concert Mushi no Ballad 虫之诗 With Qiu Xinyi and Ju Jingyi



Year Title Role Notes
2013 梦想预备生之半熟少女 Herself
2015 MoTian Jie 魔天劫 Liuming 柳鸣
Love, At First 爱之初体验 Guest appearance
Documentary of SNH48 SNH48 少女的巴別塔 Herself SNH48 documentary

Variety shows[edit]

Year Date Channel Title Notes
2013 2 March, 21 April Toonmax TV 炫动漫中国
29 March Hubei Television Challenge 挑战女人帮
24 May Hunan Television Day Day Up 天天向上
21 July Channel Young The Star Live 星光现场
3 October, 11 October KanKan News E Guo Hui E锅汇
2014 11 April-29 August TV Asahi Online Shang High School 48 上海学院48
11 July-26 September Tudou, Youku SNHello Ep. 6, 12
26 November Youku 不完全职业手册
29 November, 16 August Hunan Television People (In) News 新闻当事人
18 February CCTV-1 Dream Star Partner 梦想星搭档 Team SII with Phoenix Legend
2 June Hunan Television I Am A Great Beauty 我是大美人
22 August Dragon Television Entertainment Online 新娱乐在线
13 November Hunan Television Run for Time 全员加速中 Ep. 2 contestant


Year Endorsement
  • Glico Vegetable Snack-Hot Welsh Onion Taste
  • Suzuki
  • Sony Hi-Res Audio
  • MoTian Ji
  • Glico Vegetable Snack
  • ArcheAge
  • Suzuki Swift


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