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For Chinese writer, see Chen Xuezhao.
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhao.
Zhao Xue
Xue Zhao.jpg
Full name Zhao Xue
Country China
Born (1985-04-06) April 6, 1985 (age 30)
Jinan, Shandong, China
Title Grandmaster (2008)
Woman Grandmaster (2001)
FIDE rating 2519 (August 2015) (No. 5 ranked woman in the November 2012 FIDE World Rankings)
Peak rating 2579(September 2013)

Zhao Xue (Chinese: 赵雪; born April 6, 1985 in Jinan, Shandong)[1] is a Chinese chess player. In 2008, she became China's 24th Grandmaster.


Her greatest success so far in an individual event was winning the 2002 Under-20 World Junior Girls Chess Championship, beating Humpy Koneru on tie-break.

In 2007, she took second place in the women's supertournament North Urals Cup with a score of 6/9, lost to former world champion Zhu Chen on tiebreak.

In August–September 2008 at the Women's World Chess Championship she was knocked out in the second round by compatriot Shen Yang ½-1½.

In December 2010 she took part in the Women's World Chess Championship. The tournament was based on a knockout format, and she managed to continue on until the semi-finals where she lost 1½-2½ to her compatriot Ruan Lufei.

As of 2011, she is still an active female chess player for China. She is a participant for the FIDE Women's Grand Prix 2011–2012, qualifying based on her stellar results of the Women's World Chess Championship 2010. In the Shenzhen leg, she finished with a score of 6/11 at joint 5-6 place along with Ruan Lufei, earning her 75 points in the Grand Prix.[2]

In October 2011 Zhao Xue won the FIDE Women's Grand Prix tournament at Nalchik, Russia with the massive score of 9.5/11.

GM title[edit]

In 2008 she gained the Grandmaster title. Her GM norms were achieved at:[3]

National team[edit]

Zhao Xue has played an important part in the last two victories of China in the Women's Chess Olympiad.

She as a first reserve scored 11/12 (performance rating of 2723) on board 4 in the 35th Chess Olympiad in Bled in 2002. She has lost just one game (to Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant) on that occasion and that remains the only Olympiad game she has lost in her three Olympiad appearances.

She scored 10/12 on board 3 (TPR 2603) winning an individual gold in 36th Chess Olympiad in Calvià in 2004; and scored 10/13 on board 1 (TPR 2615) winning an individual gold at the 37th Chess Olympiad in Turin in 2006.

Zhao played first board on a slightly weaker Chinese women's team in the World Teams Championship held in Beersheba, Israel in 2005.

She led China to victory in the 2007 Women's World Team Championship with 6½/8 (TPR 2693).

China Chess League[edit]

Zhao Xue plays for Beijing chess club in the China Chess League (CCL).[4]

Honors since 2011[edit]


  • 2012: CHNIA Women's Masters, Wuxi, China
  • 2011: FIDE Women's Grand Prix, Nalchik, Russia


  • 2012: ASIAN Women's Nations Cup, Zaozhuang, China
  • 2011: FIDE Women's World Team Championship, Mardin, Turkey
  • 2011: CHINA League Division A, Tianjin, China

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