Zhelin Reservoir

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Zhelin Reservoir
Location Yongxiu, Wuning, Xiushui county, Jiujiang, Jiangxi
Coordinates 29°17′N 115°20′E / 29.29°N 115.34°E / 29.29; 115.34Coordinates: 29°17′N 115°20′E / 29.29°N 115.34°E / 29.29; 115.34
Type reservoir
Basin countries China
Surface area 308 km2 (119 sq mi)
Average depth 45 m (148 ft)
Water volume 8 billion cubic metres (6.5×10^6 acre·ft)
Frozen No
Islands 997, major ones 13

Zhelin Reservoir (Chinese: 柘林湖, Gan: Chā-līm fîkhú) is a reservoir located between Yongxiu (永修), Wuning (武宁) and Xiushui (修水) county. All three counties belong to Jiujiang, a metropolis of Jiangxi province, China. It's 40 kilometers to the north of Nanchang, and 90 kilometers to the south of Mount Lushan. This reservoir is the largest in Jiangxi province with a storage capacity of 7,920,000,000 cubic metres.[1]

Although the dam is located in an area of low seismic activity, after the impounding of the Zhelin Reservoir the seismic activity increased markedly.[2]

The dam of this reservoir is the biggest earth-filled embankment dam in Asia.

The American reality program Survivor filmed its fifteenth season, Survivor: China, on islands in the reservoir between June and August 2007. Survivor host Jeff Probst claimed that this was the first American television series to be filmed entirely within China.


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