Zheng Meizhu

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zheng.
Zheng Meizhu
Personal information
Born November 5, 1962

Zheng Meizhu (simplified Chinese: 郑美珠; traditional Chinese: 鄭美珠; pinyin: Zhèng Měizhū; born November 5, 1962 in Fuzhou, Fujian) is a Chinese volleyball player who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics and in the 1988 Summer Olympics.

In 1984 she was a member of the Chinese volleyball team which won the gold medal. She played all five matches.

Four years later she was part of the Chinese team which won the bronze medal. She played all five matches again.

Zheng was born in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. In 1975, she entered Fuzhou amateur sports school to play volleyball. In 1977, she became a member of provincial team. In 1979, she was summoned into Chinese national team twice. She was admitted into national team for third time in 1982.

From sports school, to provincial team, to national team, Zheng was always the youngest player. Doubts were also cast on her height (172 cm). After winning the Asian Tournament in 1979, Zheng didn't compete in World Cup in 1981, held in Japan.

In the end of 1991, Zheng went to Germany to play in a volleyball club. After retiring, she started doing business with her husband. She later became a manager in a Chinese medicinal rehabilitation facility near Munich. She is married and gave birth to two boys.

In 2008, Zheng came back to China and participated in Olympic torch relay in Fuzhou.

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