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Zheng Xingjuan (born March 20, 1989 in Fuqing, Fujian, PR China) is a Chinese high jumper.


She started her international career at the 2005 World Championships without reaching the final. In 2006, she won the silver medal at the World Junior Championships and the bronze medal at the Asian Games.

She won the high jump event at the 2009 Asian Athletics Championships in Guangzhou and again at the 2011 event in Kobe. Further she ended 5th at the 2010 World Indoor Championships in Doha and 6th at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics in Daegu.


She had some progression in her personal best over the last seasons. Her outdoor best is 1.95 m which she crossed first in 2009 in Jinan and again in 2011 at the Daegu world championships. Indoors she has jumped 1.94 m at the world championships in Doha. The Chinese record is currently held by Jin Ling with 1.97 metres.[1]


Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing  China
2005 World Championships Helsinki, Finland 25th (q) 1.84 m
East Asian Games Macau 2nd 1.85 m
2006 Asian Games Doha, Qatar 2nd 1.91 m
World Junior Championships Beijing, China 2nd 1.88 m
2008 World Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 11th (q) 1.90 m
Olympics Games Beijing, China 22nd (q) 1.89 m
2009 Asian Indoor Games Hanoi, Vietnam 4th 1.89 m
Asian Championships Guangzhou, China 1st 1.93 m
East Asian Games Hong Kong 1st 1.88 m
2010 World Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 5th 1.94 m
Asian Games Guangzhou, China 3rd 1.90 m
2011 Asian Championships Kobe, Japan 1st 1.92 m
World Championships Daegu, South Korea 6th 1.93 m
2012 Asian Indoor Championships Hangzhou, China 1st 1.92 m
World Indoor Championships Istanbul, Turkey 13th (q) 1.88 m
2013 World Championships Moscow, Russia 9th 1.93 m
2014 Asian Indoor Championships Hangzhou, China 2nd 1.91 m
Asian Games Incheon, South Korea 2nd 1.92 m
2015 Asian Championships Wuhan, China 3rd 1.84 m
World Championships Beijing, China 26th (q) 1.80 m
2016 Asian Indoor Championships Doha, Qatar 3rd 1.84 m


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