Zhenghe County

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Zhenghe County
Location of Zhenghe County within Nanping City
Location of Zhenghe County within Nanping City
Zhenghe is located in Fujian
Location in Fujian
Coordinates: 27°19′N 118°59′E / 27.317°N 118.983°E / 27.317; 118.983Coordinates: 27°19′N 118°59′E / 27.317°N 118.983°E / 27.317; 118.983
Country People's Republic of China
Province Fujian
Prefecture-level city Nanping
 • Total 1,735 km2 (670 sq mi)
Population 221,537(2,009)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Zhenghe County (simplified Chinese: 政和县; traditional Chinese: 政和縣; pinyin: Zhènghé Xiàn) is a county of northern Fujian province, People's Republic of China. It is under the administration of Nanping City. The Min-Bei language, or Northern Min (Guing'ei Di) prevails in Zhenghe County.


Zhenghe became a county in 1000AD, but its previous name is Guanli(simplified Chinese: 关隶; traditional Chinese: 關隸; pinyin: Guānlì). In 1115AD, the emperor appreciated the Gongfu tea from Guanli County. He delightfully named the county after his reign title "Zhenghe", which lasts till now.


Zhenghe is most famous for its tea. Zhenghe Gongfu tea is among the best Gongfu tea. You can either simply drink it or drink it with sugar or milk. There is another kind of famous tea: Baihao Yinzhen(白毫银针). Zhenghe is also famous for its chestnuts. Zhenghe is the second largest place of production of chestnuts in China.