Zhenghua Secondary School

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Zhenghua Secondary School
Zhènghuá Zhōngxué
91 Senja Rd
Bukit Panjang, Singapore
Type Government
Motto Engage and Create
Established 2000
Session Single
School code 3617
Principal Mr Eugene Lin
Red, Black and White

Zhenghua Secondary School (Abbreviation: ZSS; simplified Chinese: 正华中学; traditional Chinese: 正華中學; pinyin: ZhènghuáZhōngxué; Malay : Sekolah Menengah Zhenghua) is a government co-educational secondary school located at Bukit Panjang, Singapore.

The school provides Express and Normal Academic/Technical courses from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 levels and does not offer Tamil language.


Zhenghua Secondary School was established on 15 December 1999. The founding Principal was Cynthia Goh. She served as the school's Principal for 3 years, from December 1999 to December 2002. It was under her guidance that the pioneer batch of Head Of Departments and teachers, crafted the school's crest, song, its motto, creed, mission and vision.

Initially, ZSS was temporarily housed in Greenridge Secondary. The school only moved to its own premises at 91 Senja Road in December 2000. In 2001, it was the school's turn to be hosts, sharing its premises with West Spring Secondary for a year. During Goh's tenure that The school had the Handover Ceremony on 18 April 2001 and the Official Opening Ceremony on 1 November 2002. The Guest of Honour was former MP, Mr Gan Kim Yong who is now the Minister of Manpower.

In December 2002, Goh retired from the education service. Lim Kuan Min, former Principal of Bishan Park Secondary, took over as the second Principal of Zhenghua Secondary School with effect from 15 December 2002.

The first Vice Principal was Shawal Hussein who served from June 2002 to July 2005. He was succeeded by Dennise Yap who was posted to Zhenghua Secondary School in July 2005 and served until September 2009. Currently, there are two Vice Principals. They are Lee Seck Yeong who joined the school on 15 December 2006 and Kalvindar Singh who was posted in on 15 December 2009.[1]


Principal Name Years Served
Cynthia Goh 1999–2002
Lim Kuan Min 2002–2010
Fiona Tan 2010-2014
Eugene Lin 2014-present

Vice Principals[edit]

vice-principal Name Years Served
Shawal B Hussin 2002–2004
Dennis Yap 2005–2008
Lee Seck Yeong 2006-2014
Kalvindar Singh 2009–present
Hartati Bte Osman 2014-Present



In the school, male students in Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 are required to wear a red short-sleeved shirt with black long trousers, and white socks with black shoes. Female students in Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 are required to wear a red tucked out short-sleeved shirt, black skirt which must cover the knees, and white socks with black shoes.


The school implemented a strict set of rules and regulations. Students in the school if found out to have committed any offences will be punished. Punishment includes detention, suspension, caning (for male students) or even expulsion. Discipline matters are usually handled by the Discipline Committee, based in the Blue Room, which also serves as a detention area.


In year 2009, 75% students in Sec 4 Express course have at least 5 O levels passes, and 92.5% of the Sec 4 Express course students have at least 3 O levels passes. As for the students in Sec 5 Normal Academic course, 41.3% have at least 5 O levels passes and 80.4% have at least 3 O levels passes. [2]

Co-Curriculum Activities[edit]

Zhenghua Secondary School offer a total of 22 co-curricular activities in Uniformed groups, Clubs and societies, Sports and Performing Arts.[3]

List of Co-Curricular Activities in Zhenghua Secondary School


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