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Zhengzhou Foreign Language School [ZZFLS] (郑州 外国语 学校 Zhèng-zhōu wài-guó-yǔ xué-xiào) is a middle-high school in Henan, China. It is located in the Zhengzhou High & New Technology Industries Development Zone. It is a full-time boarding school and covers 27.13 acres (109,800 m2) in a secure fenced environment. With a student body of approximately 4,000, it was established by local government in 1983. However, it has since become privately owned.

Entrance to the school is highly selective both academically and physically. Zhengzhou Foreign Language School is consistently ranked one of the top 13 private secondary schools in China. The school selects the best students and many can be categorized as gifted. The students and teachers come from Henan Province and beyond. All international teachers are carefully selected. The school has multi-media classrooms, model experimental labs, an outdoor track, and nearby residence halls with dining facilities. Zhengzhou Foreign Language School provides an extensive range of advanced facilities to students. [1] All teachers have bachelor degrees and many have master's degrees. Some of the teachers are professionally trained teachers for math, physics, chemistry, and biology. Many of the teachers have been involved in the Olympic competitions.

The primary focus of Zhengzhou Foreign Langauga School is national. However, the school also has small international programs for those seeking admission to schools in Great Britain, Australia, and the United States. The school has a U.S. College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program with approximately 250 students in attendance. These students are prepared to excel on the TOEFL, SATs, and AP tests. Seniors are guided in completion and submission of the Common Application for university admission to the Ivy League and other top schools in the United States. The AP Program graduates over 38 seniors each year and all seniors are admitted to select American schools.


A total of 76 students were sent to the prestigious Tsinghua University and Peking University from 2002 to 2007. In 2007, the university enrollment rate for all seniors was the first in Henan Province. In 2012, 230 students were recommended to enter top-tier Chinese universities without the usually-required national college entrance examination. Another 49 students were admitted by top-tier overseas universities.


Lectures; Chorus; Sports Meeting (The school sports meets are held three days annually. Items include opening ceremony, gym performance, the track-and-field competition, and closing ceremony.); English Corner; Social Practice; Exchange Students; Mimic UN; Volleyball team; Literary party; Orchestra.


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