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Zhengzhou Metro
Zhengzhou Metro logo.svg
Owner Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government
Locale Zhengzhou, China
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 3
Number of stations 61
Daily ridership 241,000 (2015 Avg.)
Website www.zzmetro.com
Began operation 26 December 2013[1]
Operator(s) Zhengzhou Metro Group Corporation
System length 93.7 km (58 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) (standard gauge)
System map

Currently operationalZhengzhouMetro.jpgPlanned complete system (2020)Zhengzhou-Metro-Plan zh-cn.svg

Zhengzhou Metro
Traditional Chinese 鄭州地鐵
Simplified Chinese 郑州地铁

Zhengzhou Metro (Chinese: 郑州地铁) is a rapid transit metro rail network serving urban and suburban districts of Zhengzhou municipality. The plans of Zhengzhou Metro line 1 and Zhengzhou Metro line 2 were approved by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in February 2009.[2] Construction of Line 1 started on 6 June 2009.[3] Line 2 started construction on 28 December 2010.[4] As planned, Line 1 commenced services on 26 December 2013 and Line 2 commenced services on 19 August 2016.[5] In January 12, 2017, the southern extension of Line 2 allows the system to serve the Xinzheng International Airport.[6] It is the first and currently the only metro system in the Henan Province.

Lines in operation[edit]

Line Terminals
Opened Newest
01 1  Henan University of Technology
New Campus of Henan University
2013 2017 41.4 30
02 2  Liuzhuang
2016 20.6 16
 Chengjiao  Nansihuan
Xinzheng International Airport
2017 31.7 11
Total 93.7 57

Line 1[edit]

Line 1, is a west-east line with a total length of 34.84 km, starting from Zhengzhou University New Campus and ending in Muzhuang. CSR Zhuzhou supplied six-car Type B metro trains for Line 1 under a contract signed in January 2011.[1] The first phase which runs West to East has 20 stations and is 26.34 km long. The phase is entirely underground and opened in 2013.[3] In January 12, 2017 an eastern and western extension was opened adding 15.01 km and 10 stations to the line.[6]

Line 2[edit]

Line 2, a north-south line with a total length of 27.30 km, starting from Huiji District and ending in Zhanmatun, with 21 stations.[4] The first phase of Line 2, with 16 stations (14 underground, 2 elevated) and 19.05 km (17.25 km underground) opened on 19 August 2016.[7][8]

Chengjiao Line[edit]

Chengjiao Line is a suburban metro line with a total length of 31.7 km, starting from Guancheng Hui and ending in Xinzheng International Airport, with 15 stations.[6]In January 12, 2017 Chengjiao Line was opened as a southern extension of Line 2, starting from Nansihuan (South 4th Ring) to Xinzheng International Airport.

Future lines[edit]

In total three lines are under construction, and ten lines are planned.[9]

Line # Description Terminal Length (km) Stations Construction Dates/ Planned Date of Construction
Line 3 Northwest to Southeast line Gurong Road - Jingnan 15th Road 40.78 (1st phase: 25.488) 31 (1st phase: 21) Construction of 1st phase started on 2015-12-28, opening on 2020-12-31;2nd phase started on 2017-1-17,opening on 2020-12-31[10][11]
Line 4 "Z" shaped line: completely underground Anshun Road - Hexi North Road 30.126 28 Construction started on 2015-7-31, opening on 2018-12-28 ; [11]
Line 5 Ring line Yueji Park - Qilihe - Yueji Park 40.4 32 Completion of entire line set to 2019[12] The line will use larger six-car Type A metro trains due to a high predicted demand. Long term ridership is expected to reach over 1.9 million passengers per day.[13]
Line 6 Southwest to Northeast line: 15.2km of the line (Gongye Road - Matougang) will be elevated, while the rest (32.1km) will be underground Xiangyun Boulevard - Jiayu First Secondary School 47.3 28 Planned construction date for the whole line: 2017, opening on July 2019 [9]


Line 7 The whole section of phase I is completely underground, and mainly follows Wenhua Road, University Road and University South Road. Dongzhao - Quliang 49.5 (1st phase: 26.9) 20 (1st phase) Construction of first phase is expected to start in 2018[9]
Line 8 East to West Line Xingyang Road - Zhongmu North 72.95 (1st phase: 59.7) 33 (1st phase: 29) Construction of first phase is expected to start in 2017[9]
Line 9 Airport Express Hongcan Road - Zhengzhou South Railway Station 81.2 (2nd phase:37.227) 42 (2nd phase:19) Construction of first phase started in March 2014, the section Shibalihe to Xinzheng International Airport opened on 2017-1-12 (now operating as southern extension of Line 2[6]), the construction of the remaining section started concurrently with the new high-speed railway station: Zhengzhou South Railway Station, this section is expected to open in 2019; Construction of second phase is expected to start in 2017, opening in 2022 [15]
Line 10 Shangjie Line: completely underground Dongguohu - Zhengzhou Railway Station 43.08 24 Construction of whole line expected to start in 2016[9]
Line 11 Backbone line for Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone Jingkai 8th Street - Zhenggang 6th Road 34.5 13 Construction of whole line expected to start in 2016[9]
Line 14 Express Line Changyuan - Zhongmu 70.0 30 Construction of whole line expected to start in 2016[9]


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