Zhenning Buyei and Miao Autonomous County

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Zhenning Buyei and Miao Autonomous County (simplified Chinese: 镇宁布依族苗族自治县; traditional Chinese: 鎮寧布依族苗族自治縣; Buyei: Xianqgahguanc Buxqyaix Buxyeeuz Zenqninf) is an autonomous county in Anshun Prefecture, Guizhou Province of China.

Area: 1079.42 km2.

Population: 350,000 in 2005.

Postal Code: 561200.

Telephone Area Code: 0853

The county government is located in Chengguan town.


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Coordinates: 26°03′36″N 105°46′12″E / 26.06000°N 105.77000°E / 26.06000; 105.77000