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Zhima Jie
Literal meaningSesame Street

Zhima Jie (芝麻街) is the Chinese co-production of Sesame Street. The show was produced from 1998 to 2001, for a total run of 130 half-hour episodes. It was filmed in Shanghai.[1]

There was an unsuccessful attempt to revive it for the 2004 season. It returned in 2010 as Zhima Jie: Da Niao Kan Shijie (芝麻街: 大鸟看世界, Sesame Street: Big Bird Looks at the World). The program focused on teaching basic skills, such as literacy, numeracy, and an appreciation of the arts, and was funded in part by the Merck Foundation.[2]

Before the co-production, Sesame Street's 12th season had been dubbed into Mandarin in 1981 and distributed through China Central Television.[3]

Characters and new characters[edit]

  • Xiao Mei Zi (小梅子), Little Plum, a red Elmo-like monster
  • Hu Hu Zhu (呼呼猪), a furry blue pig who is similar to Cookie Monster
  • Da Niao (大鸟), Big Bird's identical cousin[1]
  • Tiger Lily, a tiger cub
  • Elmo, a furry red monster
  • Old Lady Wang, owner of a noodle shop and practitioner of t'ai chi ch'uan


  • LaLa Ma (dubbing) and Zhu Ming (main performer) as Da Niao


  • Sesame Street School Readiness (11 titles)
  • Sesame Street Thinking Child (6 titles)
  • Sesame Street Learning Environment (4 titles)


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