Zhinvali Dam

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Zhinvali Dam
Zhinvali Dam.jpg
Zhinvali Dam is located in Georgia
Zhinvali Dam
Location of Zhinvali Dam in Georgia
Coordinates42°08′06″N 44°46′20″E / 42.13500°N 44.77222°E / 42.13500; 44.77222Coordinates: 42°08′06″N 44°46′20″E / 42.13500°N 44.77222°E / 42.13500; 44.77222
Construction began1974
Opening date1985
Dam and spillways
Type of damPebble-fill dam
ImpoundsAragvi River
Height102 m (335 ft)
Length415 m (1,362 ft)
Width (crest)9 m (30 ft)
Width (base)484.75 m (1,590.4 ft)
CreatesZhinvali Reservoir
Total capacity0.52 km3 (420,000 acre⋅ft)
Power Station
Turbines4 X 32.5 MW
Installed capacity130 MW

The Zhinvali Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Aragvi River in the Caucasus Mountains in Zhinvali, Georgia. The Zhinvali Hydroelectric Power Plant has two turbines with a nominal capacity of 65 MW each having a total capacity of 130 MW.[1]

The building of the dam in 1986 formed the Zhinvali Reservoir.[2]

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