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Żmerynka • זשמערינקאַ • Șmerinca
City of regional significance
Skyline of Zhmerynka
Flag of Zhmerynka
Coat of arms of Zhmerynka
Coat of arms
Zhmerynka is located in Vinnytsia Oblast
Zhmerynka is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 49°03′N 28°06′E / 49.050°N 28.100°E / 49.050; 28.100Coordinates: 49°03′N 28°06′E / 49.050°N 28.100°E / 49.050; 28.100
Country Ukraine
Oblast Vinnytsia Oblast
RaionZhmerynka Raion
Magdeburg rights1591
 • Total18.26 km2 (7.05 sq mi)
Elevation362 m (1,188 ft)
Population (2015[1])
 • Total35,284

Zhmerynka (Ukrainian: Жмеринка, Ukrainian pronunciation: [ˈʒmɛrɪŋkɑ]; Russian: Жмеринка, translit. Zhmerinka, Polish: Żmerynka, Yiddish: זשמערינקאַ‎, (Romanian: Șmerinca) is a city in Vinnytsia Oblast (province) of central Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of the Zhmerynka Raion (district), the town itself is not a part of the district and is separately incorporated as a city of oblast significance. Population: 35,284 (2015 est.)[1]


There are many propositions as far as the origin of name of Zhmerynka is concerned. One of the ideas is that it may be derived from the Polish words, describing the handshake.


Ancient time[edit]

Zhmerynka was established as a city in agreement with the Magdeburg rights in 1591.[2] Before that moment, the two villages: Big Zhmerynka village and Small Zhmerynka village, were known to exist at the same place in 16th century.[3]

Some time later, Zmerynka was shortly described in a book titled: "Geographic Dictionary of Polish Kingdom and other Slavic places," published in Warsaw in Poland.[4]

World War II period[edit]

Zhmerynka was occupied by the Romanian Army during the Second World War and incorporated into the Transnistria Governorate.

Celebration of the Victory Day in World War II at Central Square in Zhmerynka



Zhmerynka is situated in a South-Eastern part of the Vinnytsia region. Zmerynka has an area of 18,2 square kilometers. The average altitude above the sea level is 326m.


Zhmerynka has the continental European climate.[5]

City governance[edit]

The Mayor of Zhmerynka is elected by the people of Zhmerynka during the direct election process.

The City Assembly may approve or reject the urban development decrees, initiated by the local people, social groups and organizations.[6]


Orthodox religion[edit]

The old Orthodox Cathedral was built in 1893, however it was destroyed in 1928.

There is the newly built St. Oleksandr Nevs'ky Orthodox Cathedral, which was made of the red bricks in 2005, in a central part of the city of Zhmerynka.

St. Oleksandr Nevs'ky Orthodox Cathedral in Zhmerynka
St. Oleksandr Nevs'ky Orthodox Cathedral in Zhmerynka
St. Oleksandr Nevs'ky Orthodox Cathedral in Zhmerynka
St. Oleksandr Nevs'ky Orthodox Cathedral in Zhmerynka
St. Oleksandr Nevs'ky Orthodox Cathedral in Zhmerynka
St. Oleksandr Nevs'ky Orthodox Cathedral in Zhmerynka

Catholic religion[edit]

There is the St. Oleksiy Catholic Cathedral, which was built in 1910, in Zhmerynka (see the picture in the Gallery).[7]

Jewish religion[edit]

Many Jewish people were in Zhmerynka before World War II.[8] However, the Synagogue was destroyed during the World War II. Presently, the Jewish people initiated an effort to collect the financial funds to build a new Synagogue in Zhmerynka.


Railway industry[edit]

The railway company, which is a part of railway transportation industry, is a biggest business and employer in Zhmerynka.[9]

Agriculture industry[edit]

There are many companies, which belong to the agricultural industry in Zhmerynka.

Food industry[edit]

There is a well developed food processing industry with a number of big, medium and small companies.

Education industry[edit]

There are many secondary schools in Zhmerynka, which employ a big number of teachers.

Tourism industry[edit]

There is a number of comfortable hotels with all kinds of services, which operate in Zhmerynka.


Railway transportation[edit]

Zmerynka is an important railway transportation hub in Ukraine at present time.[9]

The initial project of the Zmerynka railway transportation hub was made by Carl von Mekk, engineer in 1865.

The building of the Zmerynka big railway station was designed by Zhuravs'ky, architect and it was built in 1899-1904.

Zmerynka railway station was fully renovated in 2012.[9]

Railway Station in Zhmerynka
Railway Station in Zhmerynka
Railway Station in Zhmerynka

Automobile transportation[edit]

There is a bus station near the railway station. The distance to Bar, Ukraine is 30 kilometres (19 miles). The distance to Vinnytsia is 35 kilometres (22 miles). The distance to Shargorod is 37 kilometres (23 miles). The distance to Kiev is 317 kilometres (197 miles).


Printing media[edit]

Zhmerins'ky Meridian newspaper is published in Zhmerynka. The head office is located at Bohdan Khmelnits'ky Street 19, Zhmerynka 23100, Ukraine.[10]

Electronic media[edit]

There is an FM radio-station: "Obriy", which transmits the local news and the music in Zhmerynka at 67.34 MHz.

Internet media[edit]

There is a number of Internet resources, which monitor the cultural, business, politics news in Zhmerynka.[11]

Notable people[edit]


Twin towns – brother cities[edit]

Zhmerynka is twinned with:


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