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For the government complex, see Zhongnanhai.

Zhongnanhai (Chinese: 中南海; pinyin: Zhōngnánhǎi) is a brand of cigarettes in China; It is highly popular and holds a large market share in Beijing.[1][2] It is also popular in Japanese market as well, for its light flavor.[3][citation needed]

The name Zhongnanhai is also that of a central government complex in Beijing. Zhongnanhai cigarettes are generally produced in seven varieties: 1 mg, Menthol 1 mg, 3 mg, 5 mg, 8 mg, "Special" 8 mg, and 10 mg, referring to tar content. The official website refers to other varieties such as "12 mg" and "Red", which, however, are reported not to be widely available on the Chinese market. The pack text states that the cigarettes are made with "a choice blend of the world's finest tobaccos and herb".

Zhongnanhai cigarettes used to be specially made cigarettes for Chairman Mao Zedong in late 1960s.[4] Zhongnanhai was produced by Shanghai Tobacco Group.

The Chinese indie-rock band Carsick Cars dedicated a song called "Zhong nan hai" to the cigarette brand.

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