Zhongnanshan Tunnel

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Zhongnanshan Tunnel, or Qinling Zhongnanshan Tunnel (Chinese: 秦岭终南山公路隧道) in Shaanxi province, China, is the longest two-tube road tunnel in China.[1] It is also the third longest road tunnel overall in the world, after the Lærdal Tunnel in Norway and the Yamate Tunnel in Japan[1] The 18,040-metre (11.21 mi) long tunnel, crosses under the Zhongnan Mountain (Zhongnanshan). It opened on 20 January 2007, becoming part of the Xi'an-Ankang Highway between the Changan and Zhashui counties.[1] The cost to build the tunnel was 3.2 billion yuan (US$410 million).[1] The maximum embedded depth of the tunnel is 1640 metres below surface level.[1]


Coordinates: 33°53′N 108°58′E / 33.883°N 108.967°E / 33.883; 108.967