Zhongsha Islands

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Zhongsha Islands
County-level division
Zhongsha District
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hainan
Prefecture-level city Sansha
 • Type County-level division
 • Total 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 • Total 0
Time zone China (UTC+8)
Zhongsha Archipelago
Traditional Chinese 中沙群島
Simplified Chinese 中沙群岛
Literal meaning Central Sands Archipelago
Zhongsha District
Traditional Chinese 中沙群島及其海域
Simplified Chinese 中沙群岛及其海域
Literal meaning Islands, Reefs, and Waters of the Zhongsha Archipelago

The Zhongsha Islands are a collection of entirely submerged banks, seamounts, and shoals in the South China Sea. The two major features of the area are the Macclesfield Bank (Chinese: Zhōngshā) and the Scarborough Shoal. The whole of the region is claimed by the PRC and the ROC, and various bits of the western parts are claimed by the Philippines. No country has control of the region, and there are constant disputes - for example, see Scarborough Shoal standoff.

The PRC claim to administer the area as Zhongsha District, a county-level area of the Sansha prefecture-level city in Hainan. It has one township-level division, Zhongsha Dao and Jiao Neighborhood Committee. However, the seat of this committee is not within the Zhongsha District.

Aquaculture research has been conducted on Walker Shoal.[1]


The Zhongsha "Islands" include:

To the west, near the Paracel Islands:

To the east, near the Philippines:

To the north:

To the south, near the Spratly Islands:

  • Dreyer Shoal (Zhongnan Ansha, 中南暗沙)
  • Zhongnan Seamount (中南海山)
  • Longnan Seamount (龍南海山)
  • Changlong Seamount (長龍海山)


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    Interesting article, but it makes NO mention of either Aquaculture research or Walker Shoal ...