Zhongshan Metro Mall

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The Zhongshan Metro Mall

The Zhongshan Metro Shopping Mall (Chinese: 中山地下街; pinyin: Zhōngshān Dìxiàjiē) is an extensive underground shopping mall in Zhongshan District and Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan. It is located at Changan West Rd., No. 52-1. The mall stretches from Taipei Main Station in the south to Shuanglian Station in the north.[1]


The entire mall is 815 meters long and has 10 exits (plus 4 emergency exits). It was the first underground mall in Taipei. It has 81 shops.[2]

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Coordinates: 25°03′01″N 121°31′12″E / 25.0504°N 121.5201°E / 25.0504; 121.5201