Zhongshan Park (Shanghai)

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Rose beds in Zhongshan Park.
Lotus flowers in Zhongshan Park.
Map of Zhongshan Park (marked in green) and the surrounding area.

Zhongshan Park (simplified Chinese: 中山公园; traditional Chinese: 中山公園; pinyin: Zhōngshān Gōngyuán; Shanghainese: Tsonsae Gonyu) is a park in the city of Shanghai, China.[1] The park has a large collection of trees and flowers.


The park is located centrally in the Changning District. To the north is Suzhou Creek and the East China University of Politics and Law. There is a large shopping mall with a tall skyscraper above, Cloud Nine, southwest of the park.


Zhongshan Park was established in 1914 by the Shanghai Municipal Council as "Jessfield Park".[2] Before then it was a private garden owned by H. Fogg, a British property developer. It was renamed in honour of Dr Sun Yat-sen in 1944.


The park can be reached via the Shanghai Metro Line 2, Line 3 or Line 4 to Zhongshan Park Station.[3] It is northwest of the station, with an entrance south of Suzhou Creek.

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