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Zhongshan North Road
Zhongshan South Road

Zhongshan Road (Chinese: 中山路; also called 6th Blvd.), named after Sun Yat-sen, is a major arterial in Taipei, Taiwan connecting the Zhongzheng District in the south with the Datong, Shilin Districts and the Beitou District in the north. The road was built in Japanese rule period. It was called Chokushi kaidō (Chokushi Avenue), which was the road leading to Taiwan Grand Shrine. Zhongshan is notable as the commuting route of former ROC president Chiang Kai-shek between the Presidential Building and his Shilin District residence. Throughout the route, it is divided into express and local lanes, with landscaped medians in between. Notable landmarks located along Zhongshan Roads includes:

Zhongshan Road is divided into north and south sections, with the north section lying between Zhongxiao Road and northern Beitou (dead-end), and the south section between Aiguo Road and Roosevelt Road. There are seven sections in the northern part and only one section in the southern part.

Over the past years, Taipei City has been replacing the Zhongshan Bridge crossing Keelung River to improve traffic flow at the Beian Road/Xinsheng Expressway interchange. The bridge replacement project was completed in early 2007.

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Zhongshan South Road[edit]

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