Central Plains Mandarin

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Central Plains Mandarin
Zhongyuan Guanhua
Region Yellow River Plain
Native speakers
unknown (170 million cited 1982)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
ISO 639-6 zgyu
Linguist list
Glottolog None
huab1238  (Huabei Guanhua)[2]
Mandarín zhongyuan.png

Central Plains or Zhongyuan Mandarin (simplified Chinese: 中原官话; traditional Chinese: 中原官話; pinyin: zhōngyuán guānhuà) is a variety of Mandarin Chinese spoken in the central part of Shaanxi, Henan, and southern part of Shandong.[3]

The archaic dialect of Peking opera is a form of Zhongyuan Mandarin.

Among Chinese Muslims, it is sometimes written in the Arabic alphabet.




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