Zhou Bo

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Zhou Bo
Right Imperial Chancellor (右丞相)
In office
180 BC (180 BC) – 179 BC (179 BC)
MonarchEmperor Wen of Han
Preceded byChen Ping
Personal details
Pei County, Jiangsu
Died169 BC
OccupationGeneral, official
Posthumous nameMarquis Wu (武侯)
PeerageMarquis of Jiang (絳侯)

Zhou Bo (died 169 BC) was an official and general of the early Western Han dynasty.


Zhou Bo's ancestral home was in Juan County (卷縣; present-day Yuanyang County, Henan) but he was born in Pei County (沛縣; present-day Pei County, Jiangsu). He was a friend of Liu Bang (Emperor Gaozu), the founder of the Han dynasty, and joined Liu in rebelling against the Qin dynasty. After the fall of the Qin dynasty, Zhou Bo fought on Liu Bang's side in the Chu–Han Contention and assisted him in overcoming his rival, Xiang Yu.

After the establishment of the Han dynasty, Liu Bang enfeoffed Zhou Bo as the Marquis of Jiang (絳侯) to recognise him for his contributions in battle. He served as the Right Chancellor during the reign of Emperor Wen. After his death, Emperor Wen awarded him the posthumous title "Marquis Wu" (武侯; literally "military marquis").

One of Zhou Bo's sons, Zhou Yafu, served under Emperor Wen's successor and helped to suppress a major rebellion.