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Zhou Libo (Chinese: 周立波; pinyin: Zhōu Lìbō; August 9, 1908 – September 25, 1979), born as Zhou Shaoyi (Chinese: 周绍仪), was a Chinese novelist and translator.


Zhou was born in Yiyang, Hunan in 1908. He joined the League of the Left-Wing Writers and the Communist Party of China in 1934.[1] He wento Yan'an and worked at Lu Xun Art Institute (鲁迅艺术学院) in 1939.

Zhou was elected as the deputy of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd National People's Congresses.[1]


  • Baofeng Zhouyu (暴风骤雨), 1948
  • Shanxiang Ju Bian (山乡巨变), 1958


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