Zhou Xiaoping

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Zhou Xiaoping
Native name 周小平
Born Zhou Ping (周平)[1]
(1981-04-24) April 24, 1981 (age 37)
Zigong, Sichuan
Resting place Beijing
Occupation Essayist, blogger
Language Chinese
Nationality Chinese
Period 1996 - present
Genre Prose
Notable works Please Do Not Fail this Era!
Zhou Xiaoping
Traditional Chinese 周小平
Simplified Chinese 周小平

Zhou Xiaoping (born 24 April 1981) is a Chinese essayist and popular blogger. His most well-known works are Please Do Not Fail this Era!, Young, do you really know about this country?, Where did our heroes go?, and Nine Tricks of the United States Cultural Cold War. He is a supporter of communist party rule and has expressed nationalist, anti-American and anti-Western sentiment.[2][3][4][5] Zhou is noted for praising by Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping at a conference on art and literature.[6] Xi lauded Zhou for spreading "positive energy" in 2014.[7] He is a Wumao ( Chinese:五毛).


Zhou was born and raised in Zigong, Sichuan, after junior high school, he started to publish works in 1996. "Cutlassfish Zhou"(周带鱼)(people's daily:cutlassfish braise in soy sauce)became the nickname for his nationalist, pro-Communist, pro-government and anti-American writing.[8] Zhou has been praised by General Secretary Xi Jinping for his "positive energy".


  • Please Do Not Fail this Era! (《请不要辜负这个时代》)
  • Young, do you really know about this country? (《少年,你真的了解这个国家吗?》)
  • Where did our heroes go? (《我们的英雄都去哪儿了》)
  • Nine Tricks of the United States Cultural Cold War (《美国对华文化冷战的九大绝招》)


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