King Dao of Zhou

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King Dao of Zhou
King of China
Reign 520 BC
Predecessor King Jing of Zhou (Gui)
Successor King Jing of Zhou (Gai)
Died 520 BC
Full name
Ancestral name: (姬)
Given name: Měng (猛)
House Zhou Dynasty
Father King Jing of Zhou (Gui)

King Dao of Zhou (Chinese: 周悼王; pinyin: Zhōu Dào Wáng; died 520 BC), or King Tao of Chou, was the twenty-fifth king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty and the thirteenth of Eastern Zhou.[1][2] His given name was Měng.[3]

Dao succeeded his father King Jing of Zhou (Gui) and the throne passed onto his brother King Jing of Zhou (Gai) after his death. [4] His reign was short. He was killed by his brother Prince Chao.

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King Dao of Zhou
Died: 520 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King Jing of Zhou (Gui)
King of China
520 BC
Succeeded by
King Jing of Zhou (Gai)


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