Zhu Guozhen (Ming dynasty)

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Zhu Guozhen
62nd Chief Grand Secretary of the Ming dynasty
In office
Preceded byHan Kuang
Succeeded byGu Bingqian
Personal details
Died1632 (aged 75)

Zhu Guozhen (simplified Chinese: 朱国祯; traditional Chinese: 朱國禎; pinyin: Zhū Guózhēn; 1557–1632) was a Chinese historian, politician, and writer of the Ming dynasty.


He was born in 1557. He was jinshi in the imperial examination in 1589 and was a Chief Grand Secretary of the Tianqi Emperor.[1]

Zhu was the author of some influential books including Yong Zhuang Xiaopin (涌幢小品) and General History of the Ming Empire (皇明史概).


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