Zhu Lin (actress)

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhu.
Zhu Lin
Chinese name 朱琳 (simplified)
Born 12/20/1952
Beijing, China
Other name(s) Lin Zhu
Occupation Actress
Years active 1981–present

Zhu Lin (born 1952) is a mainland Chinese film actress. In 1978, Zhu graduated from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.Then she pass the examination of Beijing Film Academy. Her most famous role is Queen of Woman Kingdom in 1986 TV-series Journey to the West.[1] Then she In 1987, Zhu Lin won Golden Eagle Award for Best Leading Actress for Triumph in the Midnight.[2] Then she became a popular lead actress in Chinese TV series.


  • Luo tuo cao 骆驼草 (1983) Liu Ying
  • Journey to the West 西游记 (1986) (TV) Queen of Woman Kingdom
  • Triumph in the Midnight 凯旋在子夜 (1987) (TV) Tong Chuan
  • Years of Far Away War 远离战争的年代 (1987) Wenyan
  • China Family 421 中国家庭421 (2005) Shang Meifang
  • Father and Mother season 1-2 家有爹娘 第一部-第二部 (2006–2008) Liu Ying
  • What you want? 你到底要什么 (2009) Zhang Shouping


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