Zhuge Qiao

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Zhuge Qiao
Official of Shu Han
Born 199[1]
Died 223 (aged 24)[1]
Traditional Chinese 諸葛喬
Simplified Chinese 诸葛乔
Pinyin Zhūgě Qiáo
Wade–Giles Chu-ke Ch'iao
Courtesy name
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhuge.

Zhuge Qiao (199-223),[1] courtesy name Bosong, was an official of the state of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period. He was the second son of Zhuge Jin, who served in Shu's ally state, Eastern Wu. However, he was adopted by his uncle Zhuge Liang (Zhuge Jin's younger brother), who was the chancellor-regent of Shu.


Zhuge Qiao and his elder brother Zhuge Ke were very famous in Eastern Wu but many people felt that Zhuge Qiao was not as talented as his brother.[2]

Zhuge Liang did not have any sons initially so he requested to adopt Zhuge Qiao as his heir. Zhuge Jin sent Zhuge Qiao to Shu after seeking permission from the Wu emperor Sun Quan. Zhuge Qiao became Zhuge Liang's adopted son. Zhuge Liang changed Zhuge Qiao's original courtesy name "Zhongshen" to "Bosong". Zhuge Qiao was appointed as an "Imperial Son-in-law and Commandant" (駙馬都尉), and he followed Zhuge Liang to Hanzhong.[3] Zhuge Liang once wrote a letter to Zhuge Jin, "(Zhuge) Qiao should have returned to Chengdu (the Shu capital). However, I see that the sons of the other Shu generals have inherited their fathers' legacies, so I thought we should share honour and shame together with them. I have put (Zhuge) Qiao in command of 500-600 soldiers and deployed him to the valley together with the sons of the other generals."[4]

Zhuge Qiao died in 223 at the age of 25 (by East Asian age reckoning).[1] Zhuge Qiao's son, Zhuge Pan (諸葛攀), served in Shu as well and his highest appointment was "Protector of the Army-Soaring Martial General" (行護軍翊武將軍), but he also died at a young age. After Zhuge Ke and his family were massacred in Wu in a coup d'état in 253, Zhuge Liang allowed Zhuge Pan to return to Wu to continue Zhuge Jin's bloodline there.[5]

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