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Zhukiv (Ukrainian Жуків), is a major village in Berezhany Raion of Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine. It's located about 8 km north of Berezhany, beside the hill named Huk[disambiguation needed].

It is the native village of the famous Ukrainian writer Bohdan Lepky.

Coordinates: 49°30′56″N 24°56′27″E / 49.5155°N 24.9408°E / 49.5155; 24.9408

Zhukiv is located on banks of the river Zolota Lypa near Mountain Him, which is the largest mountain in Zhukiv. Population - 828 persons (2014). Yards - 240.


The first written mention - 1420. Then Zhukiv received Magdeburg rights owned settlement was J. Labonte of Zhukiv. 1530 Zhukiv - Mikolay Sieniavski property. In 1626 as a result of the attack Tatar village was destroyed by 54%. In 1880 there lived and worked Sylvester Lepky (pen name Mark Marian Murawa). There he is buried. He was the father of Bohdan Lepky.