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Zhunan Township in Miaoli County
Zhunan Township

Zhunan Township (Chinese: 竹南鎮; pinyin: Zhúnán Zhèn) is an urban township in northern Miaoli County, Taiwan.


  • Area: 37.56 square kilometres (14.50 sq mi)[1]
  • Population: 85,005 (January 2017 estimate)[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 25 villages:[1] Dacuo, Dapu, Dingpu, Gangqi, Gongguan, Gongyi, Haikou, Jiaxing, Kaiyuan, Longfeng, Longshan, Qiding, Shanjia, Shengfu, Tianwen, Xinnan, Yingpan, Zhaonan, Zhengnan, Zhonggang, Zhonghua, Zhongmei, Zhongying, Zhunan and Zhuxing.


Sights and facilities[edit]

Zhunan was traditionally a beach and fishing community, and is closely associated with the sea goddess Matsu. Zhunan's main tourist attraction is its largest Matsu Temple. The temple has a statue of the deity that is over 100 feet tall. Zhunan is now part of Taiwan's computer sector and has a large Science Park. Zhunan has wide open beaches and some cycling routes that run parallel to the beaches. Beach access was difficult until a bridge connecting the harbour and the beaches opened in 2008. It is a favourite spot among locals for surfing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing due to the year-round winds. Mountains overlook the town and are within a 20-minute drive.


Zhunan is served by National Highway No. 3 (Taiwan) and Provincial Highway No. 61. The township is accessible from Zhunan Station and Qiding Station of Taiwan Railway Administration.[4]


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