Zhuolan, Miaoli

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Zuolan Township in Miaoli County
Zhuolan Township
Zhuolan Township office

Zhuolan Township (Chinese: 卓蘭鎮; pinyin: Zhuólán Zhèn) is an urban township in Miaoli County, Taiwan.


Formerly called Talan (Chinese: 罩蘭; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Tà-lân).[1]


In January 2017, Zhuolan's population was estimated at 17,569.[2] The township occupies an area of 76.33 square kilometres (29.47 sq mi). It receives approximately 2,100 millimetres (83 in) of rain each year, mostly during May–June and August–October.[3]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 11 villages: Fengtian, Jingshan, Laozhuang, Miaofeng, Neiwan, Pinglin, Shangxin, Xincuo, Xinrong, Xiping and Zhongjie.[citation needed]


Agricultural products[edit]

Pears, grapes, starfruits and tangerines are the four main kinds of fruits grown in Zhuolan.[4]

Tourist attractions[edit]


Bus station[edit]

Zhuolan Bus Station

Bus station in the township is Zhuolan Bus Station of Fengyuan Bus. Several city bus routes link Zhuolan with Fengyuan and Dongshi districts of Taichung City.


Provincial Highway 3 passes by Zhuolan, linking it with Dahu, Miaoli County to the north and Dongshi District, Taichung to the south.[6]


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