Zhuzhou Television Tower

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Zhuzhou Television Tower

Zhuzhou Television Tower is a 293-metre (961-foot) tall free standing telecommunications tower in Zhuzhou, China.[1] It is the ninth tallest tower in China, and the second tallest steel tower.[2] It features a revolving restaurant and open-air observation deck. It broadcasts five television and two radio channels.[3]


It was completed in 1999 after three years of construction.[3] The cost of construction was over US$13 million.[4]

The immediate vicinity of the tower has since been redeveloped as a tourist attraction and renamed "Shennong City", and as part of the project the tower was renamed the "Shennong Tower".[5][4]

Some redevelopment was carried out in 2006 to improve fire safety and add a ballroom to the lobby.[2]

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