Zidanta II

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Zidanta II
Predecessor Hantili II
Successor Huzziya II
Spouse(s) Yaya
Relatives Hantili II (possible uncle)

Zidanta II (c. 1450) was a king of the Hittites (Middle Kingdom), c. late 15th century BC from 1480 to 1490[1] (short chronology).


He was probably a nephew of Hantili II and had a wife Yaya. Zidanta made peace through the means of a parity treaty with a ruler named Pilliya, his counterpart in Kizzuwatna. This was the last parity treaty ever signed by a Hittite king to a king of Kizzuwatna.[2]

He was succeeded by Huzziya II although their relation remains unclear.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Hantili II
Hittite king
c. late 15th century BC
Succeeded by
Huzziya II